How to Get a Car Dealer License in Minnesota Without A Lot

How to Get a Car Dealer License in Minnesota Without A Lot. Get the Evidence of Home Lease Sort from your Minnesota Department of Public Safety site and the Professional Place Checklist, the Car Dealer License Request, the Dealer Bond Kind, the Compliance Form for Worker’s Settlement, the Zoning Approval Type. Every one of these kinds are linked in Sources.

Finish the Commercial Area List by verifying that your dealership spot has leaves correct items and signs, as given by the type. You will also have to confirm you’ve at least a one-year lease to the home, which you may do by fixing Home Rental Form’s Proof.

Visit the local courthouse and get to talk with the official on your state. Present the Zoning Approval Type and also have the official complete it out. Incorporate this finished form using the Commercial Place List.

Fill in the Proof of Conformity with Worker’s Payment Kind. Enter the insurance info on this type, in case you have insurance for your employees. If youare exempt since you lack employees, youare self-covered or your employees are associated with you rather than included in employeeis compensation, reveal this around the kind.

Get yourself a $ 50 bond from an insurance company. You’ll be able to find a list of firms providing bonds. Fill your Surety Bond Form out.

Fill out your actual Motor Vehicle Dealer License Software. You’ll have to incorporate your personal data, information about your business and its spot, your responsibility insurance information about the individuals who own the dealer with you.